injectable antiretroviral therapy


I am excited about the injectable antiretroviral therapy, could you kindly provide an update on the development of this therapy. How far is the process. I have been HIV + for four years and 100% adherent but it starting to take its toll on me.


Hello and thanks for posting.

As good as current HIV medications are, alternatives to daily oral medications has drawn a lot of attention for the promise of easier adherence, loss of pill burden/fatigue and the x-factor of the daily reminder of one's HIV status.

The strategy that is most developed at this point is the long-acting injectable regimen of long-acting rilpivirine (a NNRTI) and cabotegravir (an investigational integrase inhibitor). The combo has shown very good early results in the phase 2 LATTE and LATTE-2 clinical trials, with participants reporting very good acceptability of the injections.

The pivotal phase 3 clinical trials, called FLAIR and ATLAS will switch virologically suppressed patients to the long-acting injectable combo (every 4 weeks) are fully enrolled. Studies to examine every 8 week injections are also underway.

Based on the listings in, these studies should reach their primary (main) endpoints in the summer of 2018 and will continue (for purposes of reporting long-term effectiveness and safety) through 2022.

There are also studies planned to look at long-acting injectable cabotegavir for HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP).

Stay tuned, BY