any infective virus in pos. hiv person's soft drink


Dr. Bob: I mistakenly poured some coca-cola into two paper cups from a big paper cup of a cousin who is hiv pos.(I was coming into the house and was told they had brought in burgers and sodas and they had saved one for me - picked up the wrong cup ) An elderly aunt and myself drank before we realized this was his drink. Could there be some infective particles of the virus in what we poured? Could the virus be preserved in cold coke? Is the rate of transmission slower and would it then take longer to show up on a test? Could we also be at risk for hepatitis? Someone also mentined the possibility of bleeding gums. I, of couse wouldn't know if he suffered from this.Thanks a million in advance for ou attention to my question.Lori



The worst thing you could get from that Coke is dental cavities! No, HIV cannot be transmitted this way, even if your cousin had bleeding gums. Neither you nor your elderly aunt is at any risk whatsoever. No testing is needed or recommended. I had hoped that most folks would have learned basic facts like this about HIV transmission in grammar school. And before you ask, you can't catch it from toilet seats, doorknobs, or mosquitoes, unless, of course, you find a mosquito big enough to have sex with.

Stay well.

Dr. Bob