Am I infected after unprotected sex? "Acute HIV infection"


hi doctor before 10 days i had unprotected sex with sex worker,after 7 days i complained of sever sore throat ,my tonsils enlarged with multiple white spot on it(don't know if pus or tonsil stone )no fever,no skin rash,i want to know 1_incubation period of HIV infection could be less than 7 days? 2_white spot can occurs in HIV tonsillitis ? i received ceftriaxon ,now idont have sore throat but still my tonsils enlarged with multiple white spot.coz iam medical student so iam scary even icant sleep during night,can yoy till me the risk of HIV transmission from female to male per act by percentage? best regards


Thanks for your question,

It's going to be important for you to be tested at the 3 months since you did have risk for HIV. Unprotected vaginal/anal sex with a person whose status you don't know is risky.

Also, symptoms can't tell us whether someone has HIV. There are people who after risk (coincidently) feel unwell and don't have HIV. Then there are people without symptoms who do get HIV.

Looking at the infection rates "per act by percentage" is not helpful to know if you were infected. That's more so a stat we use to describe infection trends over a group of people. What's important is if the sex was protected, how long the sex was, how rough it was, amount of lubrication, etc.

I understand there's a temptation to look for whatever information you can find to help you get an answer to your status and get rid of your stress. That's a normal reaction. But the fact of the matter is that it's not about waiting to take your test.

While you wait, it can help to talk to someone about your feelings and anxiety. Also, check out our Safer Sex Guidelines to give you an idea of how to keep yourself and your sex partners safer in the future.

Hope this helps!