am i infected?


Dear experts I went to a sex worker for blowjob . she did it for me unprotected for 15 minutes . I had protected vaginal sex with her for less than 2 minutes too .after 5 days I got some pain In my balls and I had watery discharge . my doctor said I got Chlamydia so he gave me medicine for it. He told me I probably got HIV too because she was sex worker and she gave me STI too. I am so worried and I afraid of getting test , please help me ,did I infected ?


Hi Getting chlamydia is easier then getting HIV, with that being said, getting an STI increases your chances of contracting HIV. Oral sex carries the smallest risk of contracting HIV and you did have protected vaginal sex which would protect you from HIV. The risk is small but there is a risk. I would recommend that you get tested for HIV as well.

Be well, Shannon