indian guy


sir before i go for my 3 months test as instructed by you , i have a quick question ,,,,,,,,,i have tested negetive for clyma,gonnor,syph and hiv , so should i ask my doctor to re do these test or just hiv test . i have some burning sensation in my penis , i am not sure it is my mind which is playing games or is it actual ,,,,,, i am also having some clear discharge after i masturbate , is it normal , or calls for some test , i have been pressing my penis hard to see if there is any white discharge but fortunately cant see any , now i have some very little pain in my penis , does that calls for some tests ,,,,,,,i trust your answers so much that before i go to my doc , i want to clarify my situation with you ,eagerly waiting for your answers , as per my pledge i ll donate to your organisation once my result are conclusive for good


Hi Indian Guy,

There are many causes of a burning sensation in your Mr. Happy other than the common STDs you listed. Unfortunately I can't diagnose the exact cause over the Internet. I would suggest you tell your doctor about any ongoing symptoms you are experiencing. He'll know exactly what tests to order based on your history, previous testing and your physical examination. Whether he repeats some STD screening will depend on the time interval between your potential exposure and your initial STD screening tests and also on exactly what type of STD screening tests were previously ordered. Don't worry; this is not complicated stuff for physicians. Your doctor will know what to order as long as you advise him of your symptoms, OK?

Good luck!

Dr. Bob