Indeterminate/Discordant 3 Times over 6 months..Pls Help


Hie Getting straight to the point, had oral, unprotected,sex-used condom mid January,with a former girlfriend haven't seen in yrs. Always tested negative in my previous test, test march came back discordant (Determine +, Uni Gold -) did second after three months, same result, repeated test after two weeks, same. Doc sent me to some lab to do a viral load, the guys gave me a letter to give Mr Doctor back to take blood sample and send to them, like I wasn't there??? what do I do in this situation, obviously the doc either inst really a doc, or he just ain't taking my case seriously to break the tie. Either way, am pretty much prepared to take whatever the tier breaker will give, since the doc already reported to me am positive, even when its clear the results are discordant. but please advice,



Hello CJ,

Your doctor reported you as HIV positive based on three paired rapid tests with discordant results. My first piece of advice is that you find a more competent physician!

Your discordant results over six months would suggest you are HIV negative. If you were in the midst of seroconverting at the time of the first discordant result, you certainly would have completely seroconverted by the time of the six-month test. I don't understand why you had two different rapid tests performed. Let's assume you had a positive (repeatedly reactive) rapid test (Determine or UniGold). This would be considered a "preliminarily positive" result. It would require a confirmatory Western Blot test before you could be considered to have a "positive HIV test." I would suggest you have an ELISA test. If negative, you're HIV negative and no further testing is warranted. If the ELISA is positive, a confirmatory Western Blot should be run. If the Western Blot is negative, you are HIV negative. If the Western Blot is positive, you should consult an HIV specialist for further evaluation. HIV plasma viral load testing is not warranted at this time. You can read much more about HIV diagnostic tests in the archives and on related links on this site.

Your HIV-acquisition risk from the activities described is extremely low assuming the latex condom was used properly for penetrative sex and did not break.

I'm very confident you are HIV negative.

Good luck.

Dr. Bob