Increasing CD4 count naturally


my recieved first lab results and found out my CD4 count is 366. 1 year prior to my diagnosis and 1st labs I became anorexic/bullimic. Since recieving this news I have stopped purging, got on a healthy diet, and began an exercise routine. I do not drink or use drugs. My question is can my lifestyle changes increase my CD4 count? If so, what is the likelihood of seeing increased t-cell counts In my next series of blood work? I don't want to take meds yet and want to know if my healthy efforts will help my #s.


You don't indicate what your HIV viral load is. Given the likely stress of an eating disorder on your immune system, you may see a small improvement in CD4 count now. Another set or two of numbers will establish the trend of where you are and provide better information as to whether treatment should be started or not.