Increased Oil Production FML


Howdy Dr Bob, I have a problem like everyone else on this forum obviously. It wouldn't be a stretch to say I need your help with some obvious HIV questions. First of all Canada might as well be a communist country you cannot see an infectious disease specialist unless you have passed the window period and are either positive or negative. My family phyisican advised me he is not knowledgeable on HIV. Here is my question if on October 31st I had sex for a few seconds with an virally enhanced person (I asked they lied) and the condom had a minor tear at the reservoir tip ( I wouldn't have know it was compromised if I did not run it under the tap) began PEP due to my notion that everyone is potentially positive thanks to you blog 5 hours later. I have tested at 6 weeks, 3 months and exactly 24 weeks to the date. Normally I would be elated and move on but there is one problem and it's on my face (shoot me) I have developed oily skin on my forehead area it was no oily before and it's not in my mind either as my siblings have noticed it. My question is as follows has the stress of the past 6 months changed my hormones so that I now have oily skin? Or does HIV change your skin type to have increased oil production. Aside from feeling less attractive I wouldn't be really upset about the oiliness if I did not connect the two incidents. I am 26 btw well past puberty. So the six months have been negative in this country you can't get a PCR unless you are already positive or they feel that you are exhibiting symptoms of serconversion.

What are my options should I keep testing to the one year mark because I had read that their have been cases. As my doctor put it would you be worried about getting hit by lighting too, yes I would actually if there was a possibility it might strike me.

or should I assume they are not related and move on with my life.



Oily skin on your noggin'? Wow, is there anything that hasn't been blamed on HIV by anxiety-wrecked worried wells? I doubt it.

Your negative post-PEP HIV-antibody tests at six weeks, three months and six months are definitive, conclusive, WOO-HOO-able and move-on-able! HIV is not your problem. No way. No how. No additional HIV testing is warranted. If you're concerned about the oil-slick on your forehead, go see a dermatologist, frevinsakes! And just for the record regarding lightening, actually there is a possibility it could strike you or me or anyone else!

Dr. Bob