Incident on Vacation...No answer yet


I am a 25 yr old male. About 2 years ago I was on vacation. My first one ever. I was retrieving my luggage from the people at the hotel that hold your luggage. When the man got my bag for me and I gave him a tip, his thumb touched my thumb. Now my knuckles were really dry and a few seconds after he gave me my suitcase I noticed my knuckles were bleeding (they cracked). It was maybe like a 3- 4 millimetre cut on each knuckle. I saw them bleeding and Immediately put moisturiser on them to soften them up.

What is my HIV risk if the guy who touched my thumb had a fresh OPEN cut on his thumb and passed his blood onto my knuckles if our hands accidentally bumped eachother? Or

what if he passed his blood from his open cut to my thumb, and then I used my thumb to put moisturiser on my open cuts on knuckles?

Can you get HIV either of these 2 ways?? Thanks


Hello there No this is not a way that HIV would be transmitted. It takes more than a thumb rub to get HIV and the man would have to have been bleeding profusely into an open wound on you which certainly did not occur. Given this happened two years ago and appears to be something that still concerns you, getting HIV tested could offer significant peace of mind for you. take care Dr. W