Imusil (OXYGEN CURE, IMUSIL, 2009)


Does Imusil /Tetrasil work to cure aids?If so why dont they do trials in other countries other than the USA.If it was a cure why does not Magic Johnson get this product as I am sure with all his wealth can get access to this?Is this product available? I have been ripped of with oxygen cures etc.



Hello Miguel,

You have indeed been ripped off with "oxygen cures etc."! (See below.)

Imusil is also pure poppycock. (See below.)

Dr. Bob

oxygen therapy Feb 1, 2005

I have been doing research on oxygen and ozone therapy for hiv/AIDS. It seems to be a wonderful treatment if it really works. Do you know much about this topic?

Response from Dr. Frascino


Yes, it would indeed "be a wonderful treatment if it really worked." Unfortunately it doesn't.

File that research under "nice try."

Dr. Bob

Are you stealing people's health for your own job security? Jul 14, 2007

Is it not true that all disease is caused/exacerbated primarily by or at least indirectly by hypoxia? Do H2O2 and Ozone release O1, a highly reactive substance, that our blood carries in inferon to clean and heal us? Are Cancer cells destroyed via oxidisation? Is medical jargon a code there to mislead and confuse the uneducated via insulating the obvious? Are pharmaceuticals made from oil? Is it in the interest of pharmaceutical giants to keep us sick, and feed us lies? Oxygen is not an alternative medicine, it's our body's (and anything evolved enough to breathe's) primary disinfectant? Does Oxygen kill sickly and malformed cells within the body? Does Oxygen kill the healthiest cells first, or does it prioritize? Does Vitamin C generate H2O2? Does the Kerbs cycle, and thus exercise, generate H2O2? Are we getting progressively less and less oxygen from the atmosphere?

If Blood Ozonation, intraveinous H2O2, Ozone insufflation and other oxygen therapies worked as non-lethal disinfectants, and destroyed anaerobic (all viruses and cancer) cells, and thus rid the body of abnormalities and diseases, would pharmaceutical drugs and anti-biotics be redundant? Would this cripple pharmaceutical companies and their "pushers", general practitioners? Would this mean chemo-therapists around the world would no longer be needed? Would the cost of healing then fall within everybody's budget? H2O2 therapy costs less than a rand for a month's (full) treatment's chemicals. chemo chemicals cost close on half a million rand and the treatment is 6 months. This is only my currently established conjecture, maybe you can clarify. Would this leave drug companies high and dry, and forever change western medicine? Could using Oxygen in be the sequel to using soap, in terms of cultural development?

Response from Dr. Frascino


Let me respond to the first and last of your many absurd questions and leave all the jabberwocky in the middle for another time.

Am I stealing people's health for my own job security? No, sweetie, I'm not. I'm a volunteer here so job security is hardly a priority. Secondly, I am an HIV specialist physician with over a quarter century of experience and a documented record of improving people's health. How does that compare to your CV and record of accomplishments?

"Could using oxygen in be the sequel to using soap, in terms of cultural development?" I'm not at all sure what the hell that even means! However, if you choose to shower and bathe only using oxygen for the next year or so, you should have your answer.

Finally, dearie, try this one. Every year in the late fall the birds of New England fly south. Three to four weeks later it snows in New England. Consequently, this is "scientific" proof, is it not, that birds migrating south cause snow in New England?!? It happens each and every year!!!

Dearie, what I'm trying to point out is that there is a bit more to scientific proof than isolated observations improperly interpreted.

Dr. Bob

Patent 5676977 (WHY IS THERE NO CURE FOR HIV? 2009)Hello Gerswin Hakalakavitch, Jul 24, 2009

Dear Dr. Frascino,

I do believe that you are only standing on the tip of the ice burg refusing to believe that ice exist below the water when you answered "Imusil Introvenously (THE CURE FOR AIDS)". If such a cure did exist (which it probably does) tons of people biochemist such as my self would be indefinitely out of business/jobs. The most likely reason why the FDA turned down the release of Imusil/Tetrasil is because it would ruin the economy greatly.

By slowing down the AIDS/HIV virus rather then eliminating it big corporations are able to drain much more money out of its consumers. If there were to be a one-time use cure all it would eliminate this on-going cash flow there by destroying the companies revenue.

So in the end its not about if the cure exist or not but how the cure would effect the economy. Do the benefits out weigh the losses? As of right now the losses must be winning because we arent benefitting form the cure yet.

Yours Truly: Gerswin Hakalakavitch

Response from Dr. Frascino

Hello Gerswin Hakalakavitch,

If indeed you are a biochemist, you should be able to distinguish fact from fantasy. Unfortunately you appear to be more of a conspiracy theorist than biochemist! I stand by my comments (see below). By the way the scientific community supports my analysis of this bogus cure. I'll also print some general information about curing HIV below. Perhaps that will help put things into perspective for you . . . but I tend to think not because you seem wed to your "belief" rather than scientific fact and common sense.

Dr. Bob

Imusil Introvenously (THE CURE FOR AIDS) May 1, 2008

Hi Doc

I hear that Tetrasil/Imusil is the cure for HIV/AIDS. Why is this product and information being withheld from us? We need a cure, I feel that all victims are being cheated out of this? Why does BIG PHARMA do this to us? I am rapidly losing faith in the FDA and their murdering medications! Why are they milking us of our money, and killing us with their hopeless medications? Wheres the cure doc? I'm not look for a smart arse answer either, Im looking for an honest one.

Response from Dr. Frascino

Hi, You "heard that Tetrasil/Imusil is the cure for HIV/AIDS"?????? Well slap my butt and call me a Republican. By golly that's such good news!!! Certainly because you "heard" it, it's just got to be true, right????

You want an honest answer? OK! Here you go: Do you really think you are the only one of us who would like a safe and effective cure for AIDS??? Do you really think that if such a cure existed, I, Magic Johnson and 40,000,000 others around the world wouldn't demand it be made available? Do you think that insurance companies and the U.S. Government that are paying high costs for HIV treatment wouldn't demand "the cure" be made available! Do you really think "BIG PHARMA" could prevent "the cure" from being distributed? You may be rapidly losing faith in the FDA and their "murdering medications," but I can tell you if it were not for the availability of those very same medications I wouldn't be here today addressing nonsensical rants like yours! I'd suggest you rent on Netflix the PBS documentary "Age of AIDS." It chronicles the first 25 years of the epidemic. (It was not made by Big Pharma!) Perhaps it will give you a more realistic perspective on the epidemic.

Returning now to your question, "where's the cure?" It doesn't exist! At least not yet. (You can read my comments about finding the cure in the archives.)

As for tetrasilver tetroxide (Tetrasil/Imusil), it is not a cure for HIV/AIDS or anything else as far as I can tell. The proposed mechanism of action is science fiction. It makes absolutely no sense to anyone who understands science (or has basic common sense). Silver ions do not "fire electric charges" any more than they dance the rumba. Proponents of this snake oil obviously do not understand the most basic principles of chemistry, physics, pharmacology or medicine. There is not even a theoretical basis for these outlandish claims of a cure!

I'll reprint below some posts from the archives that discuss colloidal silver therapy.

I realize you may consider my response to be a "smart arse answer," but as it turns out my arse is indeed much smarter than your moronic question and ludicrous assumptions!

Dr. Bob

Colloidal Silver vs. HIV meds ? May 18, 2003

Dr. Frascino, I've read about Colloidal Silver incredible powers and some hiv+ people swear by it. They claim it keeps their VL down substantially to almost un-detecatble levels. Couple of spoons of this liquid a day and they are almost free of any HIV meds. What is your opinion about this ancient medication(recently improved creation process to obtain more silver particles)? Thank you a bunch for your most valuable answer :)

Response from Dr. Frascino

Hello :)

And I read that chewing on the horn of a rhinoceros will make your penis grow and additional 3 inches. And "some people swear by it!"

There is a good rule to follow when you hear about these miraculous cures and treatments: "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!" I do hope you find this answer helpful, because colloidal silvers affect on HIV isnt!!!

Id now recommend you immediately cancel both orders the rhino horn and the colloidal silver, even though for a limited time only, "they" are offering a 6-month supply for the price of only 3 months with a money-back guarantee and a free Chia Pet if you are one of the first 1000 people to order!

Save your money and stay posted to this website for real stories regarding evolving and new treatments.

Stay well.

Dr. Bob

Kills HIV virus: follow up Mar 8, 2007

Please people, don't believe everything you hear/read. Collodal silver is a disinfectant, yes, but so is bleach, and i don't see you pumping that in your veins or drinking gallons of it. By the way: virusses don't have a metabolism - senso stricto they're just clumps of proten, fat and sugar that are totally dependent on a host to perform their replication. So crap about colloidal silver reacting with enzymes involven in aerobic metabolism cannot be correct in the case of virusses. I'm a scientist, have seen great things about colloidal silver (in combination with other disinfectants it's really good), but that doesn't mean it's safe in our bodies. Actually, you can google some nice pictures of people who took this colloidal silver fad too far, and now have a distinctly metallic hue to their skintone... Be sceptical, trust these good doctors. And remember: first of all, do no harm when looking for alternative therapies.

Response from Dr. Frascino


Thanks for your input and common sense.

Dr. Bob

Kills HIV virus? (Mar 6, 2007)

Dr. Franscino,

Its great to be back and ask you a few more questions. I thank you for your sympathy and support toward people with HIV.

I have been reading for quite some time that colloidal silver reportedly disables the enzyme that one-celled bacteria, viruses and fungi need for their oxygen metabolism. They suffocate without corresponding harm occurring to human enzymes or parts of the human body chemistry. The result is the destruction of disease-causing organisms in the body and in the food. Though, there is a debate of what concentration does actually kill the virus.

I know pharmaceutical companies dont want to hear this (too much money involved), and of course Doctors are bombarded with pharmaceutical reps giving them the "latest and best" drug out there and inviting them to dinner meetings and so on. So basically, when doctors see a symptom, they prescribe the medicine that Pharm reps trained them on.

My question to you is, how truthful is that colloidal silver kills HIV? Has the medical industry tested it before discarding it? Or is this something that the medical community is not interested in due to loss of patients?

I fervently await your response.


Response from Dr. Frascino

Hi Jean,

I haven't changed my opinion on this since the last time I mentioned it in these forums. (See below.)

Having just returned form a major HIV/AIDS conference in Los Angeles, I can assure you there is no new information to support the use of colloidal silver in HIV-positive folks. As for the medical community not being interested due to "loss of patients," I, for one, would not recommend unproven therapies for exactly that reason. However, you and I may be defining "loss" somewhat differently!

Dr. Bob

unproven (Aug 23, 2006)

My friend knows a doctor who performs collidial silver injections. I was shown the results on a few patients who had low cd4s and viral loads. although this is not fda approved what do you think?

thanks, mike

Response from Dr. Frascino

Hello Mike,

What do I think?

I think colloidal silver injections are a very bad and potentially dangerous alternative therapy. To my knowledge there is not a shred of scientific evidence that supports using this product for HIV/AIDS. The reason the FDA hasn't approved it is because it doesn't work.

Mike, this is definitely a case of "buyer beware." I'd avoid the stuff like the plague.

Dr. Bob

After 25 years why is there no cure? Apr 3, 2009

I just don't believe we can't cure HIV. Are scientists or big pharma or the government withholding the cure? Zack

Advertisement Response from Dr. Frascino


"Are scientists or big pharma, or the government withholding the cure?" The answer would be none of the above! Would you like to guess how many viral illnesses have ever been cured with medical treatment??? One! That's correct: Only one hepatitis C and that one is not cured very often. Viruses are not like bacteria, which can be wiped out by using antibiotics. Viruses are much craftier. Some viral illnesses, while not curable with medication, can be effectively prevented with vaccinations (measles, mumps, rubella, hepatitis A and B, etc.). Other viruses that infect us cause problems initially and then remain dormant in our systems essentially forever (herpes, EBV, etc.). There are loads of viruses that infect us and then spontaneously resolve on their own as they run their course. (The common cold and flu are excellent examples.) And of course there are some really, really nasty viruses out there that can put you six feet under very quickly (Ebola for instance).

I really don't understand why conspiracy theorists insist the cure to AIDS is being suppressed by wicked governmental forces (after all Cheney's been kicked out of Washington, right?) or money-grubbing pharmaceutical giants. Has it ever crossed your mind that there are loads and loads of diseases that have been around for much longer than HIV/AIDS that we can't cure? What about diabetes, heart disease, stroke, asthma, arthritis, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's and "the heartbreak of psoriasis" frevinsakes! Are the government and big pharma suppressing cures for these ailments as well?

Eventually we will cure these ailments and HIV/AIDS too. Unfortunately the cure is not on the horizon just yet. In the meantime it's worth noting that the progress we've made in treating HIV/AIDS over a relatively short period of time is nothing less than miraculous!

Dr. Bob