Important HIV Cure Survey -- Calling All Women Living With HIV in the U.S. to Participate!

I made this video to discuss the importance of women living with HIV to participate in research that affects our lives. In order for women to receive care and treatment that works for us -- our bodies and our lives -- we need to make our voices and needs heard. Women are often under-represented in HIV research and always working to get a "seat at the table." One way we can improve this is by taking surveys such as this one -- which is to find out what we would be willing (or not willing) to do in order to participate in HIV cure research. Many HIV cure studies so far have only had men participating, and it is important that women let researchers know our thoughts and needs as well! It would be a disaster if millions of dollars were poured into an HIV cure study only to find out no or very few women would be willing to take part in it! This survey was designed by allies of The Well Project and reviewed by women living with and affected by HIV to ensure it's accessible to our community.

For more information, please view my video below and share widely!

Please take this survey and share it with your networks!

[Note from TheBody: This article was originally published by The Well Project on June 29, 2018. We have cross-posted it with their permission.]