Immune suppression, anal warts


I recently went to the proctologist about some anal itching that I thought was hemorroids. According to the doctor, I have anal warts, some are large, and some are internal.

I am a 28 year old heterosexual male, and had a kidney transplant four years ago. I have never had sex with a man or any form of anal penetration. I am not promiscuious, and always use condoms.

I told the doctor this, but I don't think he believed me. I have never felt so humiliated in my life, and I think the doc thinks I am gay.

I have absolutely no idea how i could have gotten this disease. could i have possibly have picked this up from a public swimming pool or toilet seat?

I had a severe case of planter warts (some as big as nickels) on my feet for two years after having the transplant. They finally went away. Will these anal warts go away too? Could the virus from my feel gotten on my underwear and spread to my anal area?

The doc wants to surgically remove them, but I amnot sure if I want to go through this.

I am going to try and talk my nephrologist into letting me stop taking some of my immune suppressants to these things will go away.


Warts are a problem for immunosuppressed people, regardless of how they got immunosuppressed. You are correct in assuming that a lower dose of your immunoosuppressive therapy may allow your body to fight off the aaanal warts, but that will have to be up to you and your nephrologist, since there are other risks, like transplant rejection, involved.

Having warts in and around your rectum does not mean that you have had anal sex. Women who have not had anal penetration can also develop anal warts. This isn't well understood and may reflect that fact that the wart virus is inherently more contagious than other germs. Don't let the proctologist make you feel bad about this.