Im almost positive I have it (I'M POSITIVE I HAVE HIV !!!)


Dear doc, I had visited your forum several times in the pass and always wanted to ask you question regarding my situation, but i was not brave enough to do it until today. My situatuion is as follows: Last year (feb '07)I had unprotected sex with a unknown woman.I was really drunk and can only remember parts of the night, but i do rememmber she giving me oral sex I also recall asking her if she was clean (no STD's)i can't remember what she anwered but it was probably yes. Two 1-2 days later i started to fell a burning sensation and itching on my groin area as well as around my anus. I went to the doctor on the second day and got tested for HIV and STD's which came negative. the itching was still present a month later so i went to the a different doctor who gave a lotion to apply on my groin twice a day. the itchin stopped. On april 2007 I had another unprotected episode but this time with someone i knew i kind of trusted. Couple of weeks later i started to fell sick and went to a doctor and got tested again. Once again came negative. During the next months i stared to develop symtoms of HIV (fever, sore troat, fatigue, diarrhea that lasted more than a month, night sweats, swollen lymp glads, etc.)the only thing i did not happen is that i did not lose weight. I got tested several times after that (at least four) and all of teh m came negative. The last time was on dec '07. Most of the doctor i went to see told me the same thing, that everyting was in my mind that i had nothing to worry about. That was exactly what i tryed to do, but it doesn't work when one knows that there is something wrong with you. Currently I am having the same symptoms i had before and even some more. (thrush, numbnes on legs and arms, aching muscles and joints,cough, and many more)I stared to do reserch again and i can tell you that during the last year i'd have at least 90% of the symptoms of HIV. MY questions are: 1)Is it possible that i am HIV+ and wasnt detected on the pass several tests? 2) How long does it takes for the virus to show up on the test after the infection? 3) should i get tested again. ( i hace not have unprotected sex since then) 4) could this symptoms be related to another disease?

Thank you very much for your time and concern on this matter. I want to donate some money to your organization pleasse let me know how i can do this.


Hello Mr. I'm Almost Positive I Have It,

You weren't even brave enough to ask a question on an anonymous HIV information Web site???? Dude, you're level of courage makes the Cowardly Lion in The Wizard of Oz look like Rambo.

First, I'm always amazed at folks who are petrified of HIV yet freely decide to put themselves at risk and then quite predictably become anxious wrecks! OK, your first indiscretion took place while your mind was in Margaritaville. But that experience obviously scared you enough that you got tested, etc. So why after going through that did you decide to have "another unprotected episode" a few months later??? The logic escapes me! Well, quite predictably after this episode you've become increasingly anxious and stressed out. Like so many others in your situation your "reserch" has resulted in your getting more potential HIV symptoms. ("90%," that's impressive!) You obviously feel considerable guilt about your behavior. And I would wager that was why you were reluctant to post a question. You've had multiple negative HIV tests out to eight months and multiple physicians have told you that you are definitively HIV negative. They've also advised your problems may be all in your mind. You have chosen not to believe the tests or the physicians and instead remain "almost positive" that you are "positive!" Your story is a very familiar one. If you review the archives you'll find a number of very similar testimonials. My response is always the same. Symptoms are notoriously unreliable in predicting who is and is not HIV infected. A negative HIV test outside the window period trumps "symptoms" each and every time.

Responding to your specific questions:

  1. No. Absolutely not.

  2. The vast majority of HIV-infected folks will have detectable levels of anti-HIV antibodies in their blood within four to six weeks.

  3. No, of course not. HIV is not your problem. No way. No how.

  4. BINGO! Absolutely! Your symptoms are most likely psychosomatic and induced by your irrational and totally unwarranted fears and beliefs that you are HIV positive. You are indeed correct something is indeed wrong with you. However that something is not HIV disease.

My advice is simple:

  1. Stop perseverating on and worrying about a disease you could not possibly have! The evidence you are HIV negative is irrefutable and overwhelming.

  2. If multiple physicians have not been able to find a physical cause for your symptoms, you should seek evaluation for possible psychosomatic illness.

  3. Get psychiatric or psychological counseling to help you confront and hopefully conquer your irrational HIV fears.

  4. Never ever put yourself at risk again! A simple latex condom could have prevented all your worries and anxieties!

I should mention that all those similar testimonials in the archives have something else in common. They all, yes all, ultimately turned out to be HIV negative. I look forward to adding your story to that ever-expanding list.

Donation information to the Robert James Frascino AIDS Foundation can be found on the foundation's Web site at In return I'm sending you my good-health karma that you will soon be able to accept the wonderful news that you are indeed HIV negative.

Dr. Bob