Ideal Body Weight for HIV patients


Is there an ideal body weight to be used especially for HIV positive patients? Can you compare their weight to the standard ideal body weight use for the general public?


No one seems to have a consensus on this. I am one of the people who believe that we need to have an "insurance" pad of extra lean body mass in case we get sick. I would say add 10 % more lean body mass than a normal healthy person. But you need to get a BIA test to know your body cell mass to help calculate this.

Healthy body mass index should be from 20 to 25 Kg per meter squared. Multiply your weight (in pounds)times 703 and divide this twice by your height in inches . That is your body mass index (BMI). Do this until you get to a BMI of 25. That should be a healthy body weight. If you want to be extra conservative, add 10 % to that number (just make sure that you are talking about extra lean, not fat mass). You can calculate your BMI here :