ID doctor, PCF, Nurologist, Urologist and two ~5 - 5.28 month hiv tests (Orasure and EIA) say negative but still symptoms


2nd post. At 9 months after a possible low risk handjob in Nov08 where I believe the stripper purposely infected me by touching my urethera and/or a slight bruise on my penis head from masturbation. I am seing signs of gum recession from my dentist in April09 and wasting in my legs and arms and my face. Is this possible that the tests are wrong or my body is slow to produce antibodies? I had symptoms the day after this low risk event with groin pain, thigh pain anal pain, burning legs where I could not even wear underwear for several months burning hands and feet and face. What the F*** Doc. I've lost job, my health and soon my family since I can find symptoms in my wife and breast feeding baby... if they dont leave me first. I'm under the water here throw me a Whoo fricken hoo life preserver. thanks doc



Your HIV-acquisition risk is essentially nonexistent. Stripping Shelia at your local Badda Bing is not a homicidal psychopath deliberately trying to murder her clients (no matter how bad of a tipper you may be).

Symptoms that occur the day after a potential HIV exposure are not due to HIV! It takes two to three weeks for the symptoms of acute retroviral illness to become manifest. Your symptom complex is much more consistent with guilt and anxiety than HIV!

Your negative HIV tests out past five months are definitive and conclusive. HIV is not your problem. No way. No how. "Is it possible the tests are wrong or your body is slow to produce antibodies?" Nope!!!

My advice is that you level with your wife, if you haven't already done so. It's not only the best way to confront your guilt; it's also the right thing to do. You should also seek psychotherapy (counseling) to help you confront and hopefully conquer your irrational fears about murderous strippers and being HIV infected. You don't need a WOO-frickin'-HOO life preserver. You need a good shrink.

Good luck.

Dr. Bob