Ice Cream Man *Corrected*


I just sent this same email but added one more thing. Disregard the first one, this is the one I corrected! :)(sorry about that)

I work in a very underprivileged area. I work with children and recently I bought the class some ice cream from an ice cream truck that frequents our school. The ice cream truck itself is pretty shabby looking. The name is "Homie Ice Cream" so you could imagine it is not a site for sore eyes. Anywho, I always buy a root beer float for myself and now I'm worried. The ice cream man was obviously an old gangster with tatoo's, a dirty shirt and all together pretty dirty. Is there any risk of HIV if the man had HIV? For instance if HIV infected blood or semen got on the ice cream scooper, or in the ice cream or root beer itself? Like if was actively bleeding and it dripped on the ice cream float.

I am very concerned for myself and for the kids because they always buy from him!

I will gladly donate for your wise thoughts on this. Peace and Love to you, handsome :)

Donation sent as soon as I wake up tomorrow!!! PROMISE!!



Homie Ice Cream??? Hmm . . . sounds like something you would hear about on Saturday Night Live. Nonetheless, whether "Homie" or "Ben and Jerry's," your HIV fears are completely unwarranted. You cannot contract HIV from eating ice cream no matter how shabby the truck or ice cream scooper happens to be. "Homie" may not be the most appealing name, but it beats "Mr. Softy" in my book! (The only thing worse would be Mr. Microsoft(y)!)

Be well. Stop worrying and enjoy your root beer float, OK?

Dr. Bob