I Am Reaching Out and Asking for Help

Hello there, readers.

Is anyone out there an AIDS activist or advocate? Do you want to be? I am reaching out and asking for help. As you are reading this, on August 31, 2015, I have mailed another application to Oregon Governor Kate Brown for a complete pardon based on everything she can read from www.seroproject.com & hivlawandpolicy.org. My prison record is a lot better than others', as far as disciplinary history goes. I am not a gang member and I don't get involved in prison drama. There have been changes made in my life for the better in preparation for eventual hopeful release. The days of HIV criminalization and discrimination should be over.

As I mentioned previously, I have a Feb. 12, 2050, release date and I have 22 years in prison already. How much longer do you the reader think I should be in prison for being HIV positive, non-disclosure of status and unprotected sexual intercourse? All the encounters were consensual with adult women. None of the women I am charged for not disclosing to ever tested positive for HIV. They are all still alive, according to a former federal attorney who took affidavits from two of the three women during my last habeas corpus.

Since I have been in prison all these years I have witnessed several people who have been convicted of murder, drunk driving, etc., where an actual life was lost. They have done their time and have been released. The system is broken. I have learned that I am a paycheck for the state. If I leave they won't make any money off me. Why would they let me go granting my appeals?

Ever wonder why private prisons exist? It is because the government pays them lots of money to keep dangerous people locked up. By all legal definition, the charges of attempted murder & attempted assault in the first degree on paper are violent charges. I am a violent felon because of my HIV status. If I wasn't HIV positive I would just be another promiscuous man. Would you agree?

If you are interested in advocating to right a wrong, I need you to step up and help me! Here is how: Contact the following people on my behalf and tell them what you think. Such as my former trial attorney turned seated federal court judge. You can contact him at michael_mcshane@ord.uscourts.gov & get his thoughts on what you should do to help.

Send an email to the governor at www.oregon.gov/pages/request-assistance.aspx. Let her know that it is time for me to get out after all these years by her granting my application. I have exhausted all of my court actions; she is the only one who can help me. I suppose if I could raise a lot of money I could hire an attorney to look into my case. The reality of it actually being heard and ruled on in my favor is very minimal. The biggest roadblock I face is that things I file will be shot down due to statutory rules about untimely filings. The wheels of justice move very slowly when trying to get out of trouble through appeals, etc. I'm not going to give up fighting for my freedom.

I was locked up at a young age & I was not able to experience the things other people did in their twenties. I have never been married and I would like to be. I don't want kids this late in life at 45 years old. I got my G.E.D. since being in prison. I have been through a 1,350-hr. barber course from Chemeketa Community College in Salem, Oregon. I can get a license after testing if I get out while I am still able to work. In prison I developed my work ethic & habits, which I didn't have beforehand. I don't have any experience with paying bills and running a household. I want to learn.

If you don't want to get involved but you know someone who would, please send them my way. You can send me uplifting words of encouragement if you'd like to write me. We can do face time if you log onto gettingout.com so you can see the man I have become today. We can email directly at accesscorrections.com if you care to set up an email account.

Sometimes I just need human contact and reassurance because it is easy to forget about people in prison. There are folks in my life out in society and they have busy lives, so it feels like they forgot me. I'll make room in my life for more people to care about. I hope to hear from you soon and hear what you have to say ....

Stay healthy & stay safe.

Send Tim an e-mail.