I Am a Woman of Color; I Am Who I Am!

I am a woman of color, someone's daughter, someone's sister, someone's mother and someone's friend. I am a human being who was handed a card in life that made me stronger than I thought I was. Not giving up on dreams or who I can become because of this card. Uplifting those in the fight against HIV. Holding their hands and encouraging their spirits to push past the stigma. I am a women of color strong, beautiful and brave, never letting HIV knock me down in a society where people think I'm supposed to hide. Giving my voice meaning to get through the ignorance of others. I am a woman of color and being diagnosed with HIV doesn't change who I am, it only makes me better at who I am. Fighting to change the face of HIV by putting a face to HIV. Not letting others tell me what I should be: I keep getting up, keep moving, keep smiling and keep walking with my head held high in hopes that people are listening to my words. When I hear, "Who are you helping; you're not moving forward in this fight to help any change; it's a waste of time," I say, "It's not about me; it's not about me moving forward; it's about that one person who heard my words and listened to me that makes all the difference." I am a woman of color; I am a black woman; and I am who I am!

This post originally appeared on Facebook.