Hypothetical deep kissing question


Happy Festivus Dr. Bob!

Suppose you were not taking ARVs for treatment (or stopped taking them for a long time, where any benefits once accrued are long gone). Would you still feel comfortable passionately kissing Dr. Steve?

Do you believe the probability of HIV transmission in this scenario is asymptotic to zero?

Should discordant status couples ever worry about viral loads of the positively charged party when it comes to deep kissing?

Thanks and Happy Holidays to you and Dr. Steve!



Kissing, unless there are extreme extenuating circumstances, is not considered a risk for HIV transmission for magnetic couples, whether or not the poz partner is on antiretroviral therapy (ARV). If I were not on ARV, would still passionately kiss Dr. Steve (my lawfully wedded spouse)! Absofrickenlutely, at each and every possible opportunity!

Thanks for the Festivus wishes and Happy Thankschristkwanzaakkah to you!

Dr. Bob