My husband got HIV from an infected Man or Woman?


I am starting to wonder whether or not my husband is telling me the truth about his activity with prostitutes call girls or would it be more possible that he contracted HIV from receiving anal sex from another man or possible oral sex with either prostitute or gay man. What are the best possibilities? He said that the prostitute or "call girl" did not show signs of having any STD's or had any open sores but was unprotected.



Sorry to hear about your husband's recent infection. I have no way to determine over the Internet if he slept with men, women or both. Does it really matter now?

As for trying to determine if your hubby is straight as a lawn dart or gay as the Christmas windows at Macy's, try this:

Say "Judy, Liza, Joan, Mary and Barbara," and if he immediately replies "Garland, Minnelli, Crawford, Tyler-Moore and Streisand," he's probably gay.

Dr. Bob