My husband is Bisexual and HIV positive


Hie Thank you so much for the last answer you really helped.Its Rose again the thing is I know you told me that we can have a healthy sexual life thou we have never had that.I got pregnant and he was not attracted to me anymore.When we moved in together I thought that would change since I already got him a baby but he ended up telling me he was bisexual.When we talked of the way forward he said he is going to work on himself and our marriage so I had to I was patient and we continue to stay and was a good wife thou that did not change.We have always lived like brother and sister until this year when he got sick and had some HIV symptoms then he went and got tested and he was positive and I was negative.He stays on telling me that he never unfaithful and that he may have said he was bisexual but never slept with any man. Please advice me since I sacrificed so much for a marriage that I dnt think its worth.


Hi These are decisions that you need to make for yourself and your health and your happiness. I ca give you all the information I can but again ultimately it is your decision.

Be well and stay safe, Shannon