Dear Dr. Can you explain me what is HTLV-III/LAV? this acronym are in my test result at three months negative, but in the hospital said my test is for hiv-1 and hiv-2.


HTLV-III/LAV is a very outdated term for HIV. It is the same virus, but funny to find someone using the old acronym. If you are interested in the history, read on.

It dates back to the period between the discovery of the virus in 1993, and the decision in about 1986 to settle on a compromise, non political name.

Dr. Montagner named the virus he first isolated (and he appears to have been first) lymphadenopathy associated virus.

Dr. Gallo named the virus he isolated Human T Cell lymphoma virus III. The two viruses were shown to be the same, but neither would agree to using the other's choice of a name. The compromise was Human immunodeficiency virus, a more accurate name and more descriptive in any event.