I have fleshy bumps in the back of my throat that are causing me trouble when I swallow. It feels as though I have popcorn kernels stuck in my throat. Food always seems to get stuck in my throat. Also, my lungs feel tight and as if there was hair growing on them and my throat. In additon, I have a few white ulcers on and under my tongue that are the size of a pin head. They are painful. I have seen a physician for the ulcers, but not the bumps in my throat because while my throat was bothing me, I just noticed the bumps. My doctor gave my a herpes medicine called Valtrex and I actually think I having an allergic reaction to it. I am incessantly itching all over. My doctor gave me these pills although she is unsure it is herpes. No test was done to confirm. I have only had this troulbe one time before. I want to know if is possible to have HPV in my throat and if so, how is it treated, and are there any complications or other problems associated with it? How concerned should I be and what can I do from here.


I would suggest that you need to return to your primary care physician ASAP for two reasons:

  1. The possibility that you are having an adverse reaction to Valtrex
  2. To discuss the symptoms you mention here regarding difficulty swallowing as according to this question you have not mentioned this yet to your physician.

I would not be concerned about HPV at this time, but we can discuss that after you have been to your physician!

Feel better soon!