Hi, I have a question that I didn't notice already answered on the website. I am a male without HPV and my partner is a female that has it. She does not have the type that causes warts but does have the type that causes cervical cancer. My question is what is the risk for me of contracting HPV through oral sex, both giving and recieving? Thank you very much.


It is rare for a person to have human papillomavirus (HPV) related warts appear in their mouth or throat. HPV related warts are generally referred to as genital warts because they most commonly appear in the genital region. If your mouth comes into direct contact with active warts in or on your partner's genitals, then there is a chance that the virus could lead to infection in your mouth. It is believed that that in some cases, active warts/lesions need not be present for HPV to be transmitted.

Simply put, it is quite unlikely, but possible, that HPV would lead to an oral infection. If you would like to greatly reduce the risk, use latex condoms/dams for all sexual contact with your partner.