How Jimmy Kimmel's Story About His Son Relates to HIV Health Care

This week Jimmy Kimmel announced on his show Jimmy Kimmel Live regarding the birth of his newborn son and a rare heart condition that would ultimately require his son, Billy Kimmel, to have open-heart surgery. If you were like me, you found yourself being drawn into his story and wanting the best for Jimmy, his son and the entire family. Huge shout out to Jimmy for sharing this painful and scary moment; thank you for sharing this piece of your life with us. As of right now, more than 4.5 million people have viewed this heartfelt message on YouTube. Jimmy uses his story to highlight the brokenness of our healthcare system. This, however, is not a new fact. In the video, Jimmy jokes, "First they check your wallet and then they check your pulse."

As a person living with a chronic health condition I am concerned with this current administration.

As a person living with HIV, I am concerned about funding cuts and other threats to the care that I receive. I would love to hear about your health journey. Have you had to have a surgery like Billy Kimmel? Are you dependent on medications but concerned with the fear of losing health coverage? I encourage you to be brave like Jimmy and share your health journey here, on YouTube and other social media formats. Be sure to use #Health as you share your story. By sharing your journey, you will help to give others strength and you will also let politicians know that we will not simply stand by while they strip away our healthcare.

Jimmy, continued recovery to your son and best of luck to you and your family in the weeks and months to come. We wish you all the best in the world. Please be sure to like my video, share and subscribe to my channel. Until my next video, do something positive.