I also have hot flashes. I am male 45 years old. Honestly the answers i have read on the forum seem a bit flippant.

I take Truvada and Viramune. I sometimes break out in a real sweat and get clammy during the day and night. My thyroid has been tested and other levels seem normal.

Sure I know it's not menopause but at the same time I am concerned and it is affecting my life and my partner's life.


Hey Hot Flash Guy,

Flippant??? You find the answers in the forum flippant??? Have you read some of the questions??? They are positively bonkers. Consequently a flippant response would be considered both polite and appropriate for these loopy fluffernutters, don't cha think?

Regarding your "not menopause," there are a variety of medical conditions that can cause sweats and feeling clammy. For instance, every time I see Cheney on TV, I experience a total body shiver and feel clammy. Having your thyroid checked was a good first assessment. Certainly other hormonal imbalances as well as a variety of other medical conditions occult infection, etc. should also be evaluated. Your HIV specialist should be able to evaluate this problem for you.

Good luck.

Dr. Bob