Hello. I am a 19 yr old female, I have been HIV+ since I was 16. I am in good health and take no meds, all I take is a multi-vitamin. Lately I have been getting really hot, I was wondering what a "hot flash" was and if that is all it is. If so what caused it? Also when I get really hot I sweat, (not enough like a night sweat) but a lot more than normal. Thanks for any advice.


A "hot flash" is caused by changes in female hormones that usually accompany aging. The woman will feel flushed and sweaty from the neck up. At 19 you are unlikely to be having this level of hormone disruption, and I suspect that the 'hot flashes' you are experiencing is part of your HIV infection. See your doctor to go over this problem carefully. Medication for HIV may alleviate this problem, but you need to be ready to take medication on a regular basis to really benefit from it.