Hi Dr Young,

Does everybody will develop AIDS?. I'm a little bit scared about it. I actually on ARV's (Efavirenz, Lamiduvina, and Tenofovir) with VL < 50 and CD4+ 405. I live in Peru and will travel to Chile for an other job in the company where I work for. I hope I can live a normal life here in Chile. But, I scared. My company doesn't know I'm HIV+. I'm 33 years old. Regards y muchos saludos


Hola and thanks for posting from Peru.

No not everyone develops AIDS, while this is much more likely if one does not have access to HIV medications, you are on a very well recommended HIV treatment with an undetectable HIV viral load and normal-range CD4.

So long as you continue to have access to medications and stay adherent, I'd expect you to live a long and healthy live.

Good health to you, BY