Homesexual man AFRAID of Homesexual men


I am 29 year old homosexual man. Growing up, my parents taught me to fear homosexuality and if I don't then I will go to hell. They also say that God created AIDS because of gay men. So you can understand my fear of my OWN sexuality. I had an iccident, and after you give me some guidance, I promise you that I will come out of the closet and get better educated. I just need some sort of push; sometimes a lot of "us" do. I went to the hair salon. My hair is long, about midback. I was getting extensions in ( instead of dying highlights I get then put in ;) ) Anywho, I was letting the woman put the extensions in, and the other worker there is a gay man, and he was in the hair washing room washing his boyfriends hair. And I think he may have waxed his eyebrows too; because I saw the boyfriend cleaning up his brows. Then RIGHT after, he walked over to me, like 1 minute later and started touching my hair and readjusting the clip that was holding up the other side of my hair.

So here is my fear. If the worker was washing his boyfriends hair and scratched his scalp hard enough for it to bleed a bit, then get in his nails. He then walked over to me 1 minute later and began to touch my hair and even readjust the clip that was holding some of my hair. Now, my scalp is dry, so what if his boyfriend has HIV, then got his blood on his fingers from waxing his eyebrows, or blood in his nails from scratching his scalp, then touch my hair/scalp??

I'm so scared!! Is this irrational, or could I have been infected with HIV in this way?

I will donate a large amount. Luckily my parents do have great wealth, I wish they would have shared the wealth of knowledge more than money; I wouldn't be where I am today :'(



Your parents taught you to fear homosexuality and if you didn't, you would go to hell??? And they informed you God created AIDS because of gay men??? Hmm. Such good Christian folks! I'm sure they meant well, but I'm also sure that if hell really exists, there will be a special place reserved for folks like yours who totally screw up their children's lives.

The HIV-acquisition risk from your experience at Deloras' Curl Up-N-Dye hair salon is nonexistent. But you knew that already, didn't you? Of course you did. I would urge you to seek the help of a licensed mental health professional to assist you with your irrational fears, your coming out process and confronting all that poppycock, balderdash and twaddle your wingnut parents fed you growing up.

Dr. Bob