HIV worry has caused my body to fall apart (JUST MADE A DONATION OF 70$)


Thank you for all that you do, Doc.

I had protected oral and vaginal sex with a sex worker in Spain on the 7-8th of June. Since then, I have had some STD tests done. My initial symptoms included frequent urination but that went away after a week and burning sensation when urinating. On the 5th day I felt weak and tired all the time.

I did a urine (PCR) test on the 10th of June that tests for Chlamydia, Gono, Mycro,Urea, Trichomonas v, Gardneralla v, herpes1/2. All came negative.

I also did following tests.

  1. 10 Day HIV 1 PCR/DNA (negative)
  2. 24 Day HIV 1 PCR/DNA (negative)
  3. 28 Day HIV1/2 p24 (negative) , Syphilis, Hep B surface Ag, Mycroplasma, Ureaplasma, Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea - All negative
  4. 45 Day HIV1/2 p24 (negative), Syphilis (negative)

During the whole period I lost 10% of my weight which i think is due to stress. I also had thrush on my pubis and testicle sack. I was prescribed Canesten when I had thrush on pubis and Trimovate to treat thrush on testicle sack (doctor told that the skin was broken and i needed something anti bacterial).

I think thrush went away mostly but I am still uncertain - it sometimes hurts but no itching and on close examination I can see the skin is slightly red. My urethra is frequently inflamed - slightly enlarged and reddish. No pain when urinating though. I feel that I have little energy and the sore throat comes and goes

I have more energy now - before I had headaches but I found that they went away after I did the 28 day HIV test.

I went to the Urologist yesterday and he checked for fungal infections (swab, and urine). There was no fungi found (I was worried that I had a coating on the foreskin) but leukocytes in urine were high and I later had ultrasound on kidneys, bladder and prostate done. Prostate and bladder was OK but they found "sand" in kidneys. I should mention that I felt the pain in kidneys while I was standing earlier. I also feel the pain in the knees but dont know who to ask about it. I am suspecting that there is inflammatory process going on but don't know where it is.

I also have my eyes (eyelids) slightly inflamed - doctor said that it can be due to immunologic problem (weak immune system) he looked on the inside of eyelids. He prescribed antibiotic drops and anti-allergy tablets.

These visits to the doctors get me worried more than before the visits. Sometimes I feel that my body is falling apart. I am quite sure that most of the symptoms are directly related to stress but should I visit immunologist/ do immunology tests? I know that you recommend testing at 3 months for HIV but 2 DNA tests and 45days Antibody test, taking into account my exposure (or lack of it), it is more than enough (HIV expert on said I dont need further testing). Could you put both HIV and Immunology glasses on to answer my question?

Thank you, Worried in Moscow


Hi Worried in Moscow,

Protected sex is indeed protected, assuming the latex or polyurethane condom was used properly and did not fail (break). Consequently, your HIV-exposure risk is essentially nonexistent (assuming you meet the above conditions). A non-exposure would certainly be consistent with your repeatedly undetectable qualitative HIV DNA PCR tests and negative HIV-antibody tests.

I absolutely agree your symptoms are related to stress and other non-HIV-associated conditions. You should follow up with your urologist regarding the "sand" in your kidneys (early kidney stones) and with your general medical doctor for your other complaints, none of which, by the way, are worrisome for HIV acute retroviral syndrome (ARS).

I do not believe you have an immunodeficiency or immune system problem based on the information provided. Consequently, consulting a clinical immunologist is not warranted.

As for additional HIV tests, I agree no further tests are medically warranted.

With both my HIV and immunologist glasses firmly in place, I would advise that neither HIV nor any immune system disorder is the cause of your problems!

Thank you for your donation to the Robert James Frascino AIDS Foundation ( It is warmly appreciated.

Be well. Stop worrying about a disease you could not possibly have, OK?

Dr. Bob