Hiv window period - addon


Hi Dr.Hightow-Weidman

Earlier today i sent you a question and i just added a note that may be important:


On April 14 2012 I had a possible Hiv expossure. I got tested three month later(Hiv 1,2 ab's+p24 Ag). The result was negative. After the test i saw that in some places they recommend to wait a 6 month period (if you have an autoimmune disease).

This 6 month window makes me anxiouse because i have hypothyroidism condition and i take Euthyrox. I understood that an autoimmune disease called Hashimoto's thyroiditis is the casue for hypothyroidism. and i'm afraid this autoimune disease disrupted the Hiv test i did.

Another thing- few years ago my immune system failed and because of this i got Pneumonia and i was hospitalized for 2 weeks.

If there is any doubt in the test result i did, i'm willing to wait and do the test again in october 14 in order to complete the 6 month period. If it is required i'll wait even more than 6 month in order to be 100% sure of the result.

By the way, a month ago i asked Dr. David Whol for an help in this issue and i didn't got an answer. this makes me even more anxious because now i'm afraid that even the professionls doctors dont have an answer for my case.

I'll apreciate your help Thanks

*I also wanted to add that few years ago i got Infectious mononucleosis that effected me badly in those days.


Hello there

The standard for HIV tests, whether oral swab or blood are very accurate at 28 days, and conclusive at 90 days . Typically 4th generation tests can be presumed to be accurate by 2-3 weeks post exposure. Certainly I would expect it to be accurate at 3 months. When it comes to HIV testing, three months is considered conclusive. Three months would also be a long enough window to get accurate results for other STD's as well.

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