Is there ever a misdiagnoses between the two. My daughter has had fatigue, severe joint pain, muscle weakness, fever, sore throat. She was tested for lyme titer and was told it is very high, isn't this just an Elisa test and not specific for the lyme bacteria? Can the Elisa test be positive and mean something else like HIV?? We are sick with worry over this holiday and the doctor is not available to us. All of the symptoms seem similar. Are the tests definitive?



There are several different tests for Lyme disease. If your daughter has a "high titer" and the symptoms you describe then most likely she does have Lyme disease. A positive test for Lyme disease is completely unrelated to HIV disease.

If your daughter has had any high-risk exposures to HIV then she should be tested for this as well but this would be an entirely separate issue and unrelated to he Lyme Elisa titers.

Talk with your physician soon, he or she should be able to put your fears to rest. Your daughter's symptoms should resolve with treatment

Best of luck and I strongly doubt you have much to worry about as far as HIV is concerned. Thanks for writing.