HIV transmission from shared anal sex toys?


Question for Dr Bob Frascino: Please can you advise whehter in your professional opinion I am at risk of having contracted HIV thanks. I'm hetero and have always enjoyed my g/f's using butt plugs and strap-on toys on me (kinky but fun!). Not having had a g/f for a while I visited a hooker for some strap-on fun which was very enthusiastic and prolonged.......she used a condom on the strap-on but afterwards I came out in a panic when I began to consider how many different guys her strap-on has been used on. I'm now very panicky that HIV virus could have been present on parts of strap-on not covered by condom or condom could have had tear and I didn't notice. Am I at risk? Do I need tested? Could live virus have been present on strap-on when she used it on me? Thanks a million, by the way you're one helluva cool guy who proves that a wicked sense of humour can conquer anything. I'm a fan. Steve


Hey Kinky-But-Fun Steve,

HIV does not survive very long outside the body. That, plus the fact the hooker wrapped her strap-on stump before she started to hump, would indicated your HIV risk is essentially nil. The decision whether to get tested is always up to you; however, I don't believe there was a significant enough risk here to warrant testing.

And to avoid future doubts pertaining to strap-on sprouts, why not BYOSO (Bring Your Own Strap-On)? And remember, blessed are we who can laugh at ourselves, as we shall never cease to be amused!

Stay well.

Dr. Bob