HIV Transmission from Perfume Mishap


Hi Shannon. Thanks for taking the time to read my question.I recently purchased a bottle of perfume/cologne from an online store. As soon as I got it, I began spraying it all over my body and accidentally sprayed some in my eye. A couple days later,I discovered some information that lead me to strongly believe that the fragrance that I purchased may have been fake (ie., it did smell kind of funny and didn't last a long time on my skin). I have heard stories about wholesale perfume suppliers putting many questionable ingredients in their perfumes, including urine and God knows what else. For all I know, there could have been blood and semen mixed up in that bottle. Should I be worried about having contracted HIV this way? Your quick reply would be greatly appreciated.



Hi No risk of HIV transmission from this experience! Many reasons why, HIV begins to die once it leaves the body and becomes unable to infect and then it is in a bottle with other chemicals which most likely includes alcohol, all which can increase the speed in which HIV dies if it did happen to be in there.

There is no risk of HIV transmission!

HIV transmission can only occur when there is a direct and prolonged exposure to body fluids, semen, vaginal fluid, blood or mother to child through breast feeding. This most commonly occurs through unprotected vaginal or anal sex and sharing of needles. Casual contact, sharing utensils, drinking after someone, etc are not way for HIV transmission to occur. If you go to this link HIV101 it will take you to our page that talks about the ways in which HIV is and is not transmitted.

Be well and stay safe, Shannon