HIV transmission through eye splash


I was performing an accu check on an HIV positive patient when a drop of his blood splashed and landed on a spot just beloe my eye lid-but not on the eye lid itself. At first i wiped it off with my gloved right hand, then i later wshed my face. I went to the ER, and the doctor didn't think it was necessary for a PEP therapy since the risks were etreamly low. I had a rapid HIV+hep C+hep A test performed. The results for the HIV test came back nonreactive, and those for the hepatitis negative.Hep A+C was tested on the patient, and they both came back negative.I am worried because i don;t know if i can trust the validity of the results. Can such an HIV test performed 2-3 hours after the incident, possibly be accurate?I am still planning on retaking another test with 3 months.What is my risk of infection?



I agree with the ER doctor. Your HIV-acquisition risk is nonexistent. HIV cannot permeate intact skin. PEP certainly was not warranted. And if there was no chance the blood actually got into your eye, HIV testing would not be warranted either.

The test you took was a baseline test. It would not indicate whether your occupational exposure resulted in infection. Had you had a significant occupational exposure, you would have had a baseline test and then follow-up tests at both the three- and six-month marks. However, as noted above, you did not have a significant HIV-occupational risk and consequently testing was not warranted.

Dr. Bob