HIV transmission through cuts


Hello Doctor, Incident : I went to a massage parlor in Nov 2013. I took a body to body massage. Both myself and lady were without clothes. We both took bath separately before and after massage. She applied massage oil to herself and also applied it to all parts of my body. Then she gave a massage. In this massage I could feel that her vagina touched my penis and testicles several times. I had a very small cut on my testicles. We didn't had any other sex activities (oral or intercourse). Symptoms : After two to three weeks of this incident I got itchy skin rashes on my feet sole, both the legs, buttock, hands and on face. I had lose motion for one day. My under arms were swollen. I got cough and cold which lasted for more than ten days. I had also got sore throat and mouth ulcer for two days. Questions :

  1. What is the probability of me being infected with HIV?
  2. Many say "No penetration = no risk" is that true
  3. Can HIV be transmitted from vaginal fluids to cuts on testicles
  4. If not HIV, which other disease has these same symptoms Thanks, Pras


  1. Zero
  2. Pretty much
  3. Not unless they were gushing blood and you were shoving them into someone's vagina.
  4. A rash can be caused by so many things. A visit to the doctor can help determine what is causing it.

In health, Richard