HIV transmission on Breast bite


I had a lapdance with a stripper, she offered her nipple and I bite her nipple with my lips, I didn't put the nipple inside my mount, no licking or sucking, just had a quick bite with my lips. Since it was a quick act, i dont remember any fluid was there or not. I'm married, do I can continue sex with my spouse or do I need to be isolated till i take HIV test on 90 days mark


Hi You cannot get HIV through a massage or visiting a strip club. You cannot get HIV from kissing or suckling, biting a nipple.

HIV transmission can only occur when there is a direct and prolonged exposure to body fluids, semen, vaginal fluid, blood or mother to child through breast feeding. This most commonly occurs through unprotected vaginal or anal sex and sharing of needles. Casual contact, sharing utensils, drinking after someone, etc are not way for HIV transmission to occur. If you go to this link HIV101 it will take you to our page that talks about the ways in which HIV is and is not transmitted.

Be well and stay safe, Shannon