HIV testing and Relief


On 4/18/2014 I met a young man with intentions on having sex. During intercourse (I was top, or "insertive partner") the condom broke. I asked him his hiv status after telling him I was hiv negative and me he was negative too. However this young man was a stranger and it was hard for me to believe him. Since then I've been tested twice, once using an AB hiv 1/ HIV 2 antibody test on 5/14/2014 (the result was negative) and another time on 5/19/2014 using a rapid hiv test (the result was negative). I'm so anxious to know how accurate these results are. I am in regular (normal) health and have been calling so many different people asking questions and I can never get a consistent response except that the longer I wait, the more accurate the result will be. 3 months is the ultimate goal. But when can I exhale? 4 weeks? 6 weeks? 8 weeks? This is very difficult for me because I've never been in a situation like this before and this has been the longest month of my life. 2 more months to go? Or can I get some relief any sooner? Thanks in advance. I've also thought about paying for the RNA/PCR exam but I don't have medical insurance in the state I'm living in so it's hard for me to see a doctor with reasonable fees at the moment. Thanks.


Hi there.

Since this was a one-time incident, you were the insertive partner, and the time unprotected was limited, I think the risk of transmission was very low.

Your one month test is a good indicator of your true status. I would not expect your results to change. Go in for a final test at 90 days. I am confident the results will be negative.

BOTTOM LINE: You can exhale.

In health,