Is hiv testing at 3 months valid whlle pregnant?


Hi Docter, I am pregnant and paranoid , I gave a blow job to an old male friend and aquired chlamydia. I know that increases my risk for transmission orally he did not cumm in my mouth. My friend says he is negative but of course of my anxiety and me knowing he had a std i cant believe him. I know pregnancy plays havoc on the immune system I had a hiv test at exactly the 3 month mark that came out negative would the blood test for hiv at 3 months be acceptable because if i have a false positve due to pregnancy at the 6 month mark that is comming up, ill have a nervous break down. Thank you for your time i hope i am not wasting it i didnt see my question in your forum. I will donate to the cause.


Hello P and P (pregnant and paranoid),

I would consider your negative three-month test conclusive and definitive. No additional HIV testing is warranted. Some STDs, like chlamydia, are much more readily transmitted than HIV. Although not really necessary now. If you were still in contact with your "old male friend" (by the way, just how old was he?), you could have asked him to get a rapid HIV test. If negative, that would also have provided you with additional reassurance. I should also mention that false-positive HIV tests due to nonspecific cross-reacting antibodies formed during pregnancy would be quickly discovered on follow-up, more sophisticated testing. Consequently, your paranoia is unwarranted on many levels! Relax Mom. All is well, including you!

Dr. Bob