hiv tested negative again.


Hi Joseph MD im hoping you can help me. i got exposed to hiv over three years ago. i now have lipo in my arms wrist elbows,legs, and other places. its pretty bad. im scared. obviiosly. i have been tested and ruled out hiv 1,2 ,0. what i dont understand is that why is it so hard to get the abbott real time hiv 1 test. this test detects all strains. also, if you really care about hiv and study it,then why am i having a difficult time getting dianosed, and it should be interesting that the elisa is not picking up this rare strain. please help. Jon



I think the answer is that you are not infected with HIV. The cause of your symptoms must lie elsewhere. By focusing only on HIv you may be missing the true cause. You should see a good internist, general practitioner or Family Medicine practitioner and have a complete work-up, including metabolic (blood sugars, hormone levels, etc) to get to the bottom of your symptoms. You should be pleased that HIV is not the cause and take steps to avoid future exposure.

Best, Joe