HIV Test validity (Geodesic Meditech HIV TEST YOURSELF test kit )


Doctor, either a valid test needs to be made available to the public otherwise people will use other means. Im convinced on this .... its time the government gets with the program and makes FDA approved tests available, otherwise people will use alternate methods. Thye can't police the world so why not make it available .. see correspondence below.

Geodesic Meditech purchases the test device from a laboratory in the U.S. This is a lab that which since 1988 has produced many tests for sale in the US (infectious diseases, fertility tests, tumor markers and drugs of abuse) and abroad. It is FDA approved for the manufacture of the tests. It sells the same HIV test to hospitals in S. Africa. I do not ask my supplier for the names of their other clients, and I would not provide them with a list of mine --because it would be a breach of confidentiality.

I am currently selling the test to two universities in Australia and one is a College of Surgeons.

I assure you that the clinical studies which have been done in reputable reference labs in the US have shown the test to be as accurate and reliable as the other commercially available tests.
I have examined the data very closely because my company's reputation depends on accuracy as well. There has been a case where HIV-Test-Yourself outperformed one used in Europe. I have never been informed of a false positive or a false negative in the 10 plus years I have been selling it. I hope you find this information reassuring. Jeanne Olson Our Mission: To Achieve Your Heart's Desire

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From: John Smith
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Subject: Tested accuracy of the "Geodesic Meditech" hiv test in identifying HIV+ samples ?
Hi Jean,

I see that all the packages from your tests are "Geodesic Meditech".  At this point I suppose I am looking for some details on the accuracy of the tests that you sell.  For example, how many HIV+ people was the test tested on, and of those how many were accurately identified as HIV positive ?

I spoke with you before and you indicated that these tests were used in Hospitals.  Which hospitals, and where are using the "Geodesic Meditech" test ?

Please provide a truthful answer, to go on in the belief of a false negative could be costly for my health, and others.

Thank you

"John Smith"



"Home Access Express Test" is the only FDA-approved HIV home test kit available (so far). Blood is obtained by lancet and a filter strip with blotted blood is mailed in a protected envelope using an anonymous code. The tests utilize a double EIA with confirmatory IFA (immunofluorescent assay). Sensitivity and specificity approach 100%.

I have no control over when or if additional FDA-approved test kits will be available over the counter. If someone chooses to use one of the non-approved kits simply because it's available (like the Geodesic Meditech product), he also runs the significant risk that his results will not be valid or accurate. This of course can have catastrophic consequences.

I'll repost some information below from the archives which pertains to the "HIV-Test-Yourself" kit you mention in your question.

As always, this is a case of "buyer beware!"

Dr. Bob

Are you not answering because you HATE ME? Apr 15, 2005

Hi Dr Bob:

You are a good man, and and deserve a medal of honour (whatever kind you value most). Just a quick question, again, hope you answer this time. I understand that there are several rapid tests on the market, and according to the CDC webpage "they" are a reliable alternative to waiting two weeks. I recently took one of these tests 4 months after an encounter, and was wondering about the reliability of these tests. The test was made by (You can delete this) Geodesic meditech in DelMar California, have you ever heard anything about this company. I emailed the company asking about the reliability of the test and the amount of time to recieve a result the response was that these same tests are those which are used extensively in Africa, and that the test was finished at ten minutes at which time the results were 99% accurate, after that point the test becomes satured and dilutes. Basically can a test that claims to detect at ten minutes be accurate, or is this some kind of snakeoil. Thanks hope you answer, you are the best, if I was into men I would be all over you, and whoever is all over you is an extremely lucky person.

G Bush

(Just Kidding)

Response from Dr. Frascino

Hello Mr. J. Kidding,

I'm not sure what "CDC webpage" you are referring to, but I think you got bushwhacked! Maybe instead of Centers for Disease Control, your CDC Web page was the "Crock of Deceptive Crap?"

Geodesic Meditech HIV TEST YOURSELF test kit is a self-performed blood tests for HIV.The FDA has not approved any self-performed blood tests for HIV. If this is what you did, your test is unreliable and you wasted your money. Please note the disclaimer on this test "Geodesic MediTech Inc. assumes no liability for the use and/or results of the HIV TEST YOURSELF test kit".

So as for your being all over me, it's out of the question. At least until you get a proper HIV test.

Dr. Bob