HIV test results


I'm worried about my test results please help me. I just had an ectopic pregnancy, laproscopy, and d&c done on dec 31st I asked to be tested for everything. My results are as follows HIV 1/0/2 abs-imca HIV 1/0/2 ABS-INDEX VALUE 1.21 (FLAG) HIGH index value: Specimen reactivity relative to the negative cutoff. 1/0/2 Abs, Qual (FLAG) ABNORMAL (REFERENCE INTERVAL) NON REACTIVE. THEN ON NEXT LINE IT SAYS REPEATEDLY REACTIVE and goes into information about hiv 1 and 2 the western blot was done and reads as follows HIV ABS/WB :WESTERN BLOT INTERP: RESULT: INDETERMINATE Specimen could not be determined either positive or negative repeat testing in 4-6 weeks is recommended.All said absent for gp160,120, p65,55,51,31,24 but the gp40ab says equivocal and the p18 says equivocal. I went for a viral load test today and want to know what to make of these results. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



In essence you had an indeterminate HIV-screening test consisting of a repeatedly reactive (positive) preliminary antibody test followed by an indeterminate confirmatory Western Blot (WB). Based on the band pattern on the WB, it's most likely you are HIV negative and your preliminary reactive test was a "false positive." False-positive/indeterminate HIV-antibody tests can be caused by a number of different things, including nonspecific cross-reacting antibodies that can be produced during pregnancy. Read through the chapter on pregnancy in the archives of this forum. There you'll find many similar testimonials. Most likely your HIV PCR RNA viral load will be undetectable.

Write back if you need additional assistance or if your viral load is elevated. Good luck.

Dr. Bob