hi My question is this. I met a boy at a hotel. We preformed oral sex on eachother with no protection and having anal sex. after 16 months since my sex I had a HIV test which was negative in 3 times in same month. two of test with rapid test ecl method and one test with elysa antibody in same time after 16 months(1 year and 4 months) unprotected sex.the result of 3 tests are negetive but still im worry. . . i retest again after 22 months and was negative again.and retested again after 24 monthe(2years)and againis negative.can i get hiv but the test didn't recognise my antibody?or my antibody don't make until 24 months?do you see or hear someone have hiv but until 24 months test comeback negative despite the viruse was on his or her body.or reading in the refrence or text some peaple bodies don't expose antibody until 24 months?i should tast again or it's complete .if on that time i had sex, the virus entrance very low in my body ,hiv antibody test show this ?I feel like my good test results are no good because of this information. did you read any text that say someone body delay to make antibody until 24 months despite have hiv? i have one question as i want to know is it posible that some one exposed with hiv virus but the body delay to make enough antibody to show in the test until 24 months or not? i test for hiv 24 months after unprotected sex and comeback negative . do you see or hear or read some text or cases that someone have hiv but the test doesn't show until this period(2 years) ? the cdc goverment said the windows period is six months but its general i want to know specific case or situation if that's exist . thanks for your help


Thanks for your question.

No you have not acquired HIV from your episode of unprotected sex. You do not have to worry. Just be sure to avoid unsafe practices in the future.

Best, JOe