Hi I was very worry about May 4.

My HIV test was negative May 10 and 24 and June 15. On May 31 and June 26, I had PCR tests, with HIV RNA not detected less then 400 copies. june 15 hiv test was neg . On July 5 and 13, oral quick test was negative . On July 17 and 21, nucelic acid tests were neg . July 27, HIV finger stick oral quick test was negative . I did my 12 week test on Aug 1 and it was negative. Does that mean I'm HIV-free?


If you have not had any risk exposure after May 4, a negative test at 12 weeks means that that exposure did not lead to the transmission of HIV. This is especially true in light of all the other tests you had over time, that indicated that there was no virus detected in your blood at times when the HIV antibody test could still have been negative. In general terms, we do not perform these additional tests unless we think there was a very high risk of HIV transmission from the exposure in question, or if there are symptoms suggestive of acute HIV infection. I understand the anxiety that led you to have all these tests done, but I would invite us all to think of ways to deal with such feelings in other ways than having repeated tests performed...In any case, congratulations on being HIV-free!!!