HIV tainted beer?


I think I drank beer that someone with aids peed in or possibly mixed some of their blood in there... could I be infected now?... what if it was toilet water from someone that had diarrea? That had aids?...


Let's start with the immediate answer to your question which would be a resound unqualified "NO." HIV must have a direct route of transmission from one person's body into the mucous membranes of another, hence why sexual intercourse or IV drug transmission are the more common routes between adults. It cannot live outside the body for more than a few seconds, and it cannot be transmitted by casual contact such as hugging, kissing, touching, sharing food, or even drinking someone else's urine-and-blood-filled beer or diarrhea-filled toilet water.

I'm struggling a bit with the logistics here, like exactly how one drinks urine and blood filled beer and/or diarrhea filled toilet water without one's knowledge or consent. Independent of my befuddlement, there would still be no HIV risk involved.

One point of clarification that I hope will be of interest for you: When discussing risk factors and transmission we generally use the term "HIV" instead of "AIDS." HIV is the virus that causes HIV infection. AIDS is the most advanced stage of HIV infection. AIDS would most likely be diagnosed years after an HIV infection, and only if someone has not been treated. As life-saving treatment regimens have become more globally more accessible, AIDS diagnoses have decreased substantially (

I hope this information helps you to have the type of fun and play you wish to enjoy.