HIV syphilis and oral sex


Please help! I am terrified! I performed oral sex on someone who contacted me three weeks later and told me that he had tested positive for syphilis. After going to get tested, he leveled with me and told me that he also tested positive for HIV. I have had no syphilis symptoms but I am on antibiotics until i receive the results of my blood test. I know based on other forum answers I need to wait to insure accurate results from an HIV test. What is my risk considering that he had syphilis as well? There was no ejaculation in my mouth and I did not notice and visible sores on his penis. I washed my mouth with Scope afterward, did that increase my risk of being infected? I should get syphilis results in a few the meantime I can think about anything else. Thanks in advance for your help.



Syphilis is much more easily transmitted and acquired than HIV. Having syphilis concurrently with HIV can increase the HIV-transmission risk. Syphilis, like other STDs, can also increase the HIV plasma viral load, further increasing the HIV-transmissions risk. That there was no ejaculation and that you did not notice any visible sores on his Mr. Happy decrease your HIV-transmission risk somewhat. The use of Scope would not increase your risk for acquiring STDs (including syphilis and HIV).

Good luck with your upcoming tests!

Dr. Bob