hiv symptoms worrying


I recently had some sex with some prostitutes but using comdom and from 1st of April onwards i started to have symptoms like headache, tiredness, excess sweating, lymph nodes swelling in the neck,itchy rashes on the hands and legs & diarrhea. on May 26th got tested and the result came negative. but still im worring bcos of symptoms is reoccuring. Is there a possiblility of Hiv or the test is been taken too early?


If you had the HIV antibody test 12 weeks or more after an exposure, then the result should be > 99% accurate. In any case, if you use condoms during sex, you are well protected. You should continue to protect yourself with condoms as you have been doing. Keep in mind that prostitutes are at high risk for HIV infection because of the nature of their work.

The symptoms that you described are not due to HIV infection.