Hiv symptoms and tests


I had a needlestick injury in january 11th. The patient tested negative on a rapid hiv test so I did not get pep. 3 weeks after, I developed muscle aches and anxiety. I lost my appetite and lost 15 pounds in 2 months. I alos developed a sore throat that I still have though mild. The sides of my neck also hurt and I had chills and headaches. I was tested for mono and it came back positive. Hiv antibody tests at 7,10,13,16 weeks were negative, aloso hiv DNA PCR at 14 weeks negative. I still have a mild sore throat and now have thrush on my tongue. Can I assume am hiv free based on the tests or do I need to test again at 6 months? Thanks



The recommended HIV screening for an occupational exposure to HIV that doesn't warrant a course of PEP, is immediately, three months and six months, using HIV-antibody testing.

Your four negative HIV-antibody tests plus an undetectable HIV PCR DNA at 14 weeks following an occupational exposure from a patient who tested HIV negative on rapid testing are sufficient to rule out HIV as a cause of your symptoms. No further HIV testing is warranted.

Dr. Bob