HIV Symptoms on skin Scared to death


Hi, some months back i had sex with a woman, the unprotected vaginal penetration was for hardly 10 seconds, and two months after this incident i received unprotected oral sex from same woman and i discharged in her mouth. i had hiv chemiLuminescence test which resulted negative with value of 0.241 and cut off value of 1, but that test dated 6 months after vaginal sex and 1 and half month after oral sex. how accurate the results can be. I have painful swollen lymph node in leg adn feel pain in throat. But the most scary thing is the inflammation of hair follicle majorly on legs , they become like small wounds nothing comes out of them , the body skin is very dry and itchy. Please I am scared to death, I read on internet that inflammation of hair follicle is result of low immune system of body. the roots of hair or follicle are like small brown dry wound, they heal themslelf and appear the same way again. the same is on upper body near stomach but very less. Do hair follicle problem occur in HIV its been 10 months now from the physical encounter.


Your symptoms are not HIV-related. Both incidences were low-risk. Oral sex is a safer sex activity, and for the incident of vaginal sex you were the insertive partner, it was a one-time occurrence, and it was brief. Transmission was highly unlikely to have occurred.

If your symptoms persist then I would suggest a visit to your doctor to determine what could be causing them. It is not HIV.

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