Hi. I am a female and a little over a month ago, I had sex with a guy and realized afterwards that the condom broke. About a week later, I noticed that I had this small, painless , movable bump in my neck below my jaw which I've assumed to be a swollen lymph node. I know that that is one of the first signs that you could have HIV, so I've been extremely worried. I also have recently started having headaches and it's been a little over a month since the possible exposure. My headaches could be a side effect of the antibiotic that I'm on for acne (doxycycline ), but I'm not sure. I took an HIV test about three weeks after the possible exposure even though it was too early and it came out negative. Do my symptoms seem like typical symptoms of HIV?


Your symptoms are not HIV-related. Since this was a one-time occurrence and you started with a condom, the likelihood of transmission is fairly low. Follow up with a 90 day test to be certain. I am confident the result will be negative.

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